Huge calendar released for upcoming season at Attwell Park!!

Albany Speedway Club has announced a bumper calendar for the imminent 2016-17 season which features the running of the Australian Super Sedan Title at Easter and the return of the popular World Series Sprintcars.

In total there is 11 meetings scheduled for the upcoming season that consist of 12 nights of racing given the fact the Australian Super Sedan Title will be held across two massive nights of the Easter long weekend.

A large field of Australia's best super sedan drivers are expected to converge on Attwell Park for the national title, the second time in history the event will be held in Albany.

The national title will be held on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16 with the meeting also doubling as the prestigious Bill Gibbings Memorial also contested by super sedans.

Once again World Series Sprintcars will visit Albany on Friday, February 17 with round 16 of the series being held here as WSS celebrates their 30th anniversary.

Other highlights on the massive calendar include the USA Late Model Tour featuring a number of talented American drivers on January 21 with the second annual Street Stock Rumble to be held on that night as well.

The inaugural Amazing Albany 5000 for Production Sedans is set down for December 10, the Late Model Pro Dirt Series will make an appearance on March 11 and the highly-anticipated 360 Power Series will travel down to compete in a round of their championship on April 1.

The Super Sedan Summer Series will visit Albany twice in the lead-up to the national title, running in conjunction with the JSRA Country Super Series on November 26 and the GWN7 Modified Sedan Series on January 7.

On Saturday, February 4 the Open Club Championships will be held and that meeting will also see the return of the Formula 500s plus a small car demo derby and burnouts.

The exciting season kicks off on Saturday, November 5 with the highly sought after Noel Pearson Memorial for all divisions and comes to an end on Saturday, April 29 with the Grand Finale which includes a small car demo derby and burnouts.

Stay tuned for more details about the season and each individual meeting in the coming weeks.

Albany Speedway Club 2016-2017 Season Calendar

Saturday November 5 – Noel Pearson Memorial

Saturday November 26 – JSRA Country Super Series, Super Sedan Summer Series & Formula 125 Feature

Saturday December 10 – Amazing Albany 5000 for Production Sedans 

Saturday January 7 – Super Sedan Summer Series & GWN7 WA Modified Sedan Series

Saturday January 21 – USA Late Model Tour & Street Stock Rumble 

Saturday February 4 – Open Club Championships, Formula 500s, Small Car Demo Derby & Burnouts

Friday February 17 – World Series Sprintcars

Saturday March 11 – Late Model Sedans Pro Dirt Series

Saturday April 1 – 360 Sprintcar Power Series

Saturday April 15 & Sunday April 16 – Australia Super Sedan Title & Bill Gibbings Memorial

Saturday April 29 – Grand Finale, Small Car Demo Derby & Burnouts  

Trewern and Watson crowned fairest and best!

Gun modified driver Aydan Trewern and rising youngster Brooke Watson have claimed the major awards at the 2015-16 Albany Speedway Club presentation evening on June 18 at Motel Le Grande.

Trewern was again named the fairest and best senior driver after another stellar season in his super quick car, winning multiple races at his home track of Attwell Park which included success in the feature race during the final round of WA Modified Sedan Series which wrapped up a fifth series crown.

Watson has been a rapid improver since coming on the junior sedan scene and she was rewarded by being named the fairest and best junior following a sensational 2015-16 season that included a number of wins on her home track whilst also competing well in numerous meetings abroad.

The daughter of former WA street stock champion Wayne and sister to fellow rising speedway driver Blake also won the best presented junior and finished third in the overall points standings.

Travelling member Hayden Mortimer (259 points) won the junior sedan points trophy with Bianca Kennedy in second and newcomer Hope Batchelor third.

Kennedy was named most improved junior and Batchelor impressed in her debut season to win the junior rookie of the year award.

The prestigious club champion award went to dominant formula 125 driver Sam Jewell, who collected 416 points during the season.

Rising modified sedan competitor Miranda Ball was recognised for her excellent season by winning the most improved senior award and Phillip Lockyer took home the senior rookie of the year title.

Tracey Saunders was awarded the best presented senior and Bill Beeck was named the best presented open wheeler.

Paul Belfield topped the limited sprintcar points standings, Trewern narrowly downed Ball in the modified sedans and Robert Wolfenden was too good in the production sedan overall standings.

The competitive street stocks club points chase was taken out by Paul Bowman from Freddy Kinsella and Tim Coxall while Jewell won the formula 125 standings from Beeck and Jacinta Tester.

Chris Pittaway was acknowledged for tireless work around the club by being named the club person of the year.

Other award winners were Craig Tester (best crash), Ron Pittaway (busiest busy bee award) and the formula 125 division (president's award).

A large crown of drivers, members, volunteers, sponsors and fans were in attendance at the presentations.

A full list of trophy winners including trophy sponsors can be found below.

4TH JUNIOR SEDAN                               

Muffler Rebel                                                     

Hope Batchelor 104 points                          


 Trophy Shop        

Brooke Watson 127 points   


Highway Wreckers     

Bianca Kennedy 224 points           


Bob Boyd Earthmoving                                                  

Hayden Mortimer  259 points


 Mckails General Store      

Jacinta Tester   289 points                              


Langers Automotive  

Bill Beeck     384 points                                    


 S&M Doyle Electrical Contractors            

Sam Jewell   416 points                                   


R&L Bitumen Repair Service                                    

Tim Coxall      312 points                            


 AusWest 4x4 Dismantlers

Freddy Kinsella    333 points                            


 A1 Sand Blasting

Paul Bowman     377 points                            


 Albany Signs

Mike Kinnear     219 points                           


 Albany Screen Printers                                   

Merv Penn      308 points                               


Barrett’s Tree Service

Robert Wolfenden  382 points                              


 Kinnear Bros Electrical                                    

Barry Hall   226 points                         


Motel Le Grande

Miranda Ball   307 points                         


 Alltech Mechanical

Aydan Trewern   339 points                          


 BTG Mechanical                                              

Grant Chisholm   345 points                           


Regal Panel Beaters

Shayne Langdon   358 points                            


Albany and Districts Trenching Service

Paul Belfield     408 points                  


Auto One Albany                                  

Craig Tester      


Paul Armstrong Panel Beaters           

Brooke Watson                                              


Albany Forklifts And Industries       

Tracey Saunders 


Central Spray Painters  

Bill Beeck                     


 Albany printers 

Hope Batchelor                                               


Pro-Motion Automotive  

Phillip Lockyer                                                    


Ball Body Builders        

Bianca Kennedy                                          


Clark Tyres       

Miranda Ball                                                      


Theyer Automotive        

Brooke Watson                                                


Dowsetts Auto Service     

Aydan Trewern                                                                            


Ponderosa Angus     

Sam Jewell   416 points 


Ron Pittaway


Chris Pittaway


The 125 Division

Healthway joins forces with Albany Speedway Club

Albany Speedway Club is pleased to announce that Healthway has again partnered with the club, sponsoring junior development for another year in their quest to improve the health of West Australians.

Healthway has joined forces with ASC for many years now, and their financial support of the junior sedans has been greatly received during that time.

Again Healthway has approved further sponsorship of the club, to be the naming rights for junior development and for that we are extremely thankful.

Our club promotes the following messages as part of our ongoing agreement with Healthway and we encourage all members, competitors and spectators to adhere to the following.

The objectives of the Healthway sponsorship program are:

  • To encourage healthy lifestyles through the effective promotion of health messages relating to Healthway priority areas;
  • To reduce, where ever possible, the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands which undermine Healthway objectives;
  • To facilitate structural and policy change within organisations and venues to create healthy environments; and
  • To increase opportunities for priority populations to participate in healthy activities.


Smarter Than Smoking

Smoking kills

Every year in Australia, approximately 15,000 deaths occur as a result of smoking. Some of the diseases caused by smoking include lung cancer, bronchitis, heart disease and stroke. Smoking kills more people in Australia than all the people killed by alcohol, other drugs, murder, suicide, road crashes, rail crashes, air crashes, poisoning, drowning, fires, falls, lightning, electrocution, snakes, spiders and sharks.

Smoke-free is the norm

West Australians are mostly non-smokers, with approximately 85% of adults and 94% of school-aged children in Western Australia choosing to be smokefree.

People who start smoking at a young age are more likely to become regular smokers, smoke more heavily, have difficulties quitting and are at greater risk of getting smoking-related diseases.

The majority of adult smokers say they wish they had never started and that they would like to stop

Addiction to cigarette smoking

Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco

New smokers often feel dizzy and sick from tobacco smoke, but some get used to its effects. As they continue to smoke, their bodies learn to depend on nicotine and they can tolerate smoking more and more.

When smokers stop they may get cravings and feel anxious, hungry, and irritable, and find it hard to focus on what they are doing.

Social and emotional factors also contribute to someone becoming addicted to smoking. For example, people may feel they need to smoke when they are at a party, when they are with certain friends or feeling stressed or bored.

People do not need to smoke many cigarettes to become addicted to smoking. Young people can be at risk of becoming addicted to smoking even if they only smoke occasionally, such as at parties or on holidays.

 Support for quitting

Someone who is addicted to smoking may find it difficult to stop or cut down. They may crave cigarettes and experience withdrawal symptoms as their body adjusts to not having nicotine. Getting help with quitting will give smokers a much better chance of success. They can:

Visit their doctor for advice on quitting methods or products

Get support from family or friends

Call the Quitline 13 QUIT (13 78 48)



Smoke Free Guidelines

WA Health recognises that exposure to secondhand smoke is a proven health risk, and an occupational health and safety issue for staff, patients and the community.

The most effective way to protect staff, patients and visitors of the WA Health system from the adverse health effects of secondhand smoke is to provide a smoke free environment.

Smoke free environments:

  • protect and improve the health of staff, patients, visitors, contractors and volunteers
  • protect smokers and non-smokers from the health risks associated with exposure to second hand smoke
  • complement community-wide tobacco control measures that are reducing the prevalence of smoking
  • set an example to other employers and workforces, particularly in Government and health-related areas.


For more information please visit

Nominations building for Easter blockbuster

March 26 & 27 nominations

Bill Gibbings Memorial & Street Stock Rumble


Super Sedans – 22

W1 Warren Minshull

W2 Ken Reid

W4 Bert Vosbergen

W5 Kevin Bell

W6 Tristan Green

W8 Kemble Aylett

W10 Kyle Larson

W25 Nathan Thiele

W27 Shane O’Hanlon

W30 Peter Wallinger

W44 Chris Pavlovich

W53 Ryan Gunson

W63 Tony St Jack

W68 Rob Knox

W69 Nathan Masson

W76 Terry Green

W77 Kodee Brown

W81 Dustin Higgs

W82 Gary Higgs

W88 Adyme Harvey

W92 Warren Hambley

W99 Lee Aylett


Street Stocks – 15

W4 Ethan Genev

W7 Josh Martinelli

W12 Ryan Penfold

W14 Cody Avins

W16 Jack Barnewall

W27 Mark Dohnt

W44 Peter Herbert

W52 Paul Bowman

W55 Jace Kempton

W57 Jamie Keys

W83 Daniel Ameduri

W88 Peter Dowie

W96 Liana Freeland

W121 Leon Langdon

W318 Freddy Kinsella


Junior Sedans – 14

W5 Bronty Fraser

W7 Zac Minshull

W13 Blake Fletcher

W18 Hayden Mortimer

W23 Hope Batchelor

W26 Taia Green

W37 Brooke Watson

W41 Tahi Andrews

W42 Nui Andrews

W44 Brodie Dunn

W49 Bianca Kennedy

W83 Stefani Ameduri

W99 Isabella Freeland

W102 Mitchell Claybrook


Production Sedans – 5

W2 Merv Penn

W13 Shane Davis

W26 Michael Clark

W27 Mike Kinnear

W69 Robert Wolfenden


Limited Sprintcars – 7  

W14 Gary Pow

W33 Grant Chisholm

W53 Shayne Langdon

W68 Jamie Langdon

W74 Paul Belfield

W87 Ben Chisholm

W88 Matt Watkins