19th October 2019
Registration Day/Practice & Sponsors Evening
26th October 2019
Sidecars/Burnouts/Band, Support Divisions
23th November 2019
Noel Pearson Memorial* & Celebrity Race
14th December 2019
Practice/Club Christmas Party (3pm on)
4th January 2020
Speedweek USA vs WA (Supporting divisions TBC)
18th and 19th January 2020
USA Late Model Invasion Tour, Support Divisions
15th February 2020
Amazing Albany 5000, F125 Title, Support Divisions
14th March 2020
Modified round, Junior Feature, Support Divisions
11th and 12th April 2020
WA Super Sedan Title, Street Sock Feature, Support divisions
16th May 2020
Limited Sprintcar Feature, Support divisions, Small Car Demo Derby


* Double Points for all divisions
** All meetings will be for club points